If your magazine is not published in iTunes and Google Play, you are losing extra exposure and revenue.
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How to boost readership and revenue
of your magazine?

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Consumer spending on digital magazines will reach $80.2 Billion by 2016. - source: PricewaterHouseCoopers

How to monetize a magazine app:


Sell subscriptions.

One time purchases.

Sell banner ad space and sponsorship.

Use magazine app as a lead generation tool.

Promote affiliate products and earn commission.

Utilize magazine app's communication and marketing features.

Authority and credibility booster.

Use it as a list building tool.


Benefits of having a magazine app:


  Having own magazine app boosts your authority and credibility which
     is great if you are selling training, courses or other products.

  Magazines apps can create a passive residual income, because you could be selling them on a subscription basis.

 People love magazines apps, because they are quick and easy to
     download, portable and multimedia enhanced.

 The audience for magazines apps is huge and it is growing very fast.
      In the iTunes alone, there are well over 500 Million registered users.

 You can sell/promote affiliates products or services right from a magazine app or other digital publication.

 Magazines apps do not pollute the planet and do not destroy the trees,
     so you promote going green. 

 Magazines apps are the best medium, the ultimate communication and
     marketing tool to connect with your clients or peers. This is due to their extra
     features like: Push Notifications or GPS coupons.

 They are much less expensive to produce and distribute than print

  Use them as a lead generation machine or list building tool. You can
     embed an opt-in form or sign-up for a newsletter feature right in your

   You get free exposure of your magazine in at least 3 ways:

1. Thanks to the share button integration, users will share your magazine with  friends via email or social media.

2. A magazine app is installed on a mobile device’s screen and opened by tapping on the icon. This icon will be seen every time a user turns on the mobile device.

3. Magazine apps are published in app stores which are searched by well over a Billion active users. Each app store has a search box which works similar to Google search box. If your magazine matches the typed keywords - your magazine may show up in the search results and this means huge exposure.

   Improved reader’s experience thanks to intuitive navigation. Swiping from
       right to left, double tapping to enlarge and a convenient content button
       enhances the user experience for your readers.

   Because you don’t need a constant internet connection once the magazine  app is downloaded, your customers don’t need to have access to the internet to
       view and enjoy your content. Very useful when you are on holiday.

 You can also take advantage of the audio and visual enhancement features
       which a magazine app gives you. People love to watch and listen – so more
       people will engage with your magazine. You can embed video interviews
       directly inside an  article.

   You will also have the ability to take payments and subscriptions when your
       magazine is published in app stores. The best part is that app stores will take
       care of all the payments and subscription management for you. Saving
       you a lot of time and hassle.

 You may also get a boost in sales from all these new customers and
       advertisers. Now you can also accept video ads and charge more for them
       67% of digital readers want to buy directly from magazine media ads. Mobile
       ads spending grew from 8.8$ billion in 2012 to 35.55$ Billion in 2015.

Digital Magazines industry statistics:



Out of 7 Billion people 6.5 Billion have mobile devices.
This is 93% of the population.

source: Association of Magazine Media MPA


People spend between 45 minutes - 2 hours and
30 minutes reading their mobile magazines

source: Association of Magazine Media MPA


1/3 of all readers share an article or interview
from the mobile magazines they
 read with someone else

source: Mashable.com 2013


Digital readers want to buy directly
from magazine media ads (67%)
and articles (62%)

source: Association of Magazine Media MPA Factbook 2013/2014


iTunes has over 500 million
credit cards on file



The U.S. newspaper industry
consumes 95 million trees each year, and
 emits as much CO2
that 7.3 million cars

source: greenpressinitiative.org, treehugger.com



500 Million tablets are expected to be sold by 2015

source: BusinesInsider.com



Approximately 300,000 digital magazine issues were downloaded each day in 2013

source: Association of Magazine Media MPA


Wired magazine sold 24,000 digital copies in its first 24 hours



The digital-only magazines media
audience grew 84% from 2012 to 2013

source: Association of Magazine Media MPA Factbook 2013/2014


Magazines that published to Newsstand
experienced a 750% increase in sales





If your magazine is not published in iTunes and Google Play, you are losing extra exposure and revenue.
Let us make and publish your magazine apps! Start today!


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